Russian Sport

A tradition for sports is very old in Russia. Physical exercises, team and individual sport (like running, swimming, weight's lifting, horseback riding, skiing, archery and boxing,) have always been popular. From the time of Peter the First physical training started to be included in military and civil schools. Sport competitions such as boxing matches, fencing, weight lifting, horseback riding and others became very popular at the end of XVIII century. In the XIX century sport schools, clubs and societies were established. From the middle of the XIX century cycling became a favored sport in Moscow as well as rowing, and gymnasts. In 1899 the first Russian chess tournament took place in Moscow. In 1910 the first football match was held.

However the competitions were not for the masses, as the clubs and societies were supported by nobles and were not open for everybody. State sponsorship of sport began during Soviet times. In 1918 the first open matches for athletes 'were held in Moscow. General competitions and championships have been organized since then. Large sporting venues were constructed for various sports. Well-known sport societies were founded such as "Dynamo" (1923, by Dzerginsky), "Spartak", "Locomotive" and "Vodnik" (1935-38, voluntary). Since the 1940's Russian athletes have been active participants in World and Europe championships. In 1980 Moscow became the Olympic capital for the XXII Olympic games. Six sets of Olympic sport complexes were built. The following state stadiums and complexes still exist: "Lujniki" (m. Sportivnaya), "Dynamo" (Leningradsky prospect), "Krylatskoe", "Olympiysky" (Prospekt Mira), "Sokolniky", "Izmailovo", "Bitzevsky park"-forest, Olympic village (m. Prospekt Vernadskogo). Some of them function, some don't: being poorly financed these sites are now offered for lease.

There are many small stadiums and big parks where you can go jogging or do fitness exercises. There are private clubs, especially for sports such as golf, tennis, windsurfing etc. In Moscow you can enjoy almost any sports activity.

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