ELKI PALKI Restaurant Is a chain of restaurants, which are called "traktir"s because of their traditional colour and moderate prices. There you have anything you want from the salad bar, which is on the cart (telega) and that will coast you 190 R, and then if you are still hungry you can order meat etc. (dinner) from a waiter, also 190 R. In the beginning these "traktir"s served mainly traditional Russian food but as they grew more popular, there new trends appeared.
For example, the one on Tverskaya (Tchekovskaya) is not Russian, as it offers tartar cooking. There you can order meat, cooked in front of you on the big grill or you can order an assortment of meat dishes cooked in the kitchen. The interior is conforming. The Russian traktirs are in traditional style, they are nice and you can have a good Russian meal there.
Tchekhovskaya metro (grey line), walk out, turn on the right and then behind Pushkinsky cinema hall on the right again, the restaurant is there (the beginning of Bolshaya Dmitrovka street).
Kuznetski Most, the corner of Kuznetski Most and Neglinka streets.
Klimentyevski pereulok (the street leading from Tretyakovskaya metro to Pyatnitskaya street). Metro Tretyakovskaya (yellow), outside the exit on the right.
Open: 10-23

КISH-MISH proposes Uzbek cuisine, meal is tasty. Decorated in traditional manner, it looks like an Uzbek country house. A dinner can coast you $5 if you will be able to stop.
Address: Noviy Arbat, 28, Tel. 291-20-10
Metro Arbatskaya (dark blue). Open: 11.00-0.00.

Pelmeni came from Finno-Ugric tribes, where only childbearing women made them. They were cooked while the women sang drawling songs and that's why, the dish turned out so tasty. The name "pel nyan", which became "pelmen" later, means "ears of bread". Now, sold frozen in supermarkets, pelmeni are easy to cook - just boil them in water. In fact, the real, homemade pelmeni needs a lot of patience to make. First the dough is mixed, and then the mince is made. The pelmeni are put together and placed in a freezer. Then they are boiled in a broth and served with sour cream or other sauce. This is a fine example of Russian cooking.

These are the restaurants were you can taste this old dish, cooked in different manners.

The interior is decorated with all kinds of samovars, painting and graphics that make it elegant and atmospheric. Heart-felt songs are played, salon concerts are given in the evenings and delicious dishes are served. The traditions of the best Moscow traktirs of the past are combined with the modern traditions of European restaurants.
Address: Myasnitskaya ul., 13, stroenie 3.
Tel. 921-46-88. Metro Lubyanka (red), Chistye prudy (orange).
Open: mon-sun 12.00 - 24.00. Average coast of a meal - $20-$30, business lunch - 250 R ($8-9). High-class musical program - from 19.00 to 23.00

At the end of XIX century a retired captain named Petrov, a participant of the Crimea campaign, established a private restaurant in this house (built at the beginning of the century). He loved and collected alcoholic drinks and was known among his friends as Vodkin. This is the first vodka restaurant, and there is a great collection of different kinds of vodka (about 400), which you can taste. The way of serving the vodka is traditionally Russian - a cup of vodka and a salty cucumber to start, (pervachok) and a cup of vodka at the end (pososhok). The dishes are traditionally Russian. You can eat your meal while listening to Gitano music or piano. On Sundays there are free children dinners - for families. There is also an exhibition of posters on alcohol and anti-alcohol topics.
Address: Pokrovka ul., 5.
Tel. 923-53-50. Metro Kitay-gorod (orange, violet), Chistye prudy (orange).
Open: Mon-Sun from 12.00 till the last visitor. Average coast of a meal - $20-$30, business lunch from 12.00 to 16.00 - 195 R ($6,5). High-class musical program - from 19.00 to 23.00

GODUNOV This is a high-style restaurant, located in the wall of an ancient fortress (the building was a part of Zaikonospassky Monastery, built in 1600, in the rule of Boris Godunov). There are four rooms that keep the traditional Russian ambience, without pseudo-national tinsel. Everything is real and traditionally Russian, especially the cooking.
Address: Teatralnaya pl., 5/1.
Tel. 298-04-73, 298-54-96, 298-56-09. Metro Teatralnaya (green).
Open: mon-sun 12.00 -24.00. Average coast of a meal - $30-$50. Russian folk music and gypsies from 21.00.

Merchants' club NA MELNITSE
It opened just about a month ago but it's already very popular. The interior reproduces a peaceful landscape - big trees, green grass, a small stream and even two live pheasants that are fed with delicious salads. There are even singing nightingales! Everything is designed around a legend concerning some merchants and an old mill. The dishes are delicious, exquisite and traditionally Russian.
Address: Sadovaya-Spasskaya ul., 24.
Tel. 925-88-90, 925-87-53. Metro Teatralnaya (green).
Open: Mon-Sun 12.00 -24.00. Average coast of a meal - $30-$50.

Here an atmosphere depicting Russian fairy tales has been created. You can enjoy home made tasty dishes, as if made by a babushka (grandmother). On Sunday children parties with a Swedish table and clown performances are held. On Tuesday and Saturday gypsy concerts, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Russian folk concerts take place.
Address: Nijnyaya Radischevskaya ul., 10. Tel. 915-62-06. Metro Taganskaya (brown)
Profsoyuznaya ul., 154, Tel. 429-79-30. Metro Teply stan (orange)
Open: Mon-Sun 12.00 -1.00. Average coast of a meal - to $10.

MU-MU is a self-service cafe that hosts a Russian homemade meal. There are two halls: smoking and non-smoking, and a terrace outside. The dinner costs $3-$7.
Address: Old Arbat Street, halfway between metro Arbatskaya (dark blue line) and metro Smolenskaya (dark blue).
Metro Frunzenskaya (red line) just in front of the metro entrance.
Open: 10.00-23.00.

SOUP CAFE Its "healthy" menu has been created by a former Chef of the Territoria club and is dietarian. It includes 18 hot and 10 cold soups, which are served for students' prices (50-60-70 R, minestrone - 90 R). The soups are miscellaneous and really delicious. Pleasant music is played as well as DJs (Zig-Zag, Dima, Duhov, Gudok). The interior is simple and cozy - two small rooms with wooden tables, orange sofas and a red VIP-cabin. All the dishes are tasty and healthy.
Address: I Brestskaya ul., 62/15, tel. 251-13-83. Metro Belorusskaya (green, brown)

MOSCOW - BERLIN Cafe is very popular among the youth but not very cozy. Menu is standard. Dance triphop, jazz etc. in the evening.
Address: Ploshchad' Tverskaya Zastava, 52/2, tel.251-2282. Metro Belorusskaya just on Belorusskaya square, next to Belorusskaya railway station.

ULEI (Beehive) Restaurant European and Asian traditions of cooking are mixed here. The result - exquisite dishes which have the original taste of seemingly incompatible ingredients. You will spend a nice time having a delicious meal in a relaxing ambience. A meal costs about $13-$15.
Address: Gasheka ulitsa, 7 tel. 797-4333. Metro Mayakovskaya (green), Belorusskaya (green). Open: Mon-Sun 12.00-2.00

MESTO VSTRECHI (Place of meeting) is a charming place, a bar, restaurant and club all in one. Dimmed lighting, walls of stone, wooden tables and chairs give it a middle-aged look. Pleasant music plays. Sometimes DJs and Russian rock bands appear. They serve a European meal. Business lunch - from 12:00 to 17:00 coasts 135 R ($5).
Address: Maly Gnesdikovskiy per., 9/8 crossing with Tverskaya Street, tel.229-2373. Metro Pushkinskaya (violet), Tverskaya (green). Open: 10-1

PR OGI is a restaurant, literature cafe and bar in one. It means 'United Humanitarian Publishing House'. It's a place where journalists, designers, artists, writers and students hangout. A simple stylish interior, a bookshop with smart titles, a cafe, nice menu, low prices and a casual ambience make it popular. It has already become a chain. Performances and readings take placehere. Breakfast is about 50 R ($1.7) and dinner - 150 R ($5).
Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 23, next to Raiffaisen Bank. Metro: Okhotny Riad (red), Teatralnaya (green).
Metro Chistye Prudy (red), Turgenevskaya (orange).
Novokuznetskaya ul. Metro Novokuznetskaya (green), Tretyakovskaya (yellow), in the same building as Pizza Hut restaurant.
Open: 24 hours

COFFEE IN is a nice popular cafe, and it is very cozy. There are many kinds of tea and coffee to choose for 30-70 R ($1-$2) and good desserts for $2-$3. On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday there are good DJs who play downtempo and triphop music. On a special message desk you can leave a message for your friends.
Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 16/1, tel: 229-4652, Metro Teatralnaya (green) or Okhotny Ryad (red)
Open: 9-23.

COFFEE BEAN Cafe - is a chain of cafes with a good variety of coffees and a different atmosphere in each cafe. The one on Kuznetsky is small and cozy. All of the patrons are devoted to coffee (even smoking is forbidden so as not to spoil the aroma). On Tverskaya it is large, busy and comfortable. The cafe on Pokrovka is too big and bright and full of students. It's close to the Propaganda club and 35mm Cinema, which makes it a convenient stop at night.
Address: Pushechnaya (Пушечная)#9, tel.923-0219, Metro Kuznetski Most (violet) exit on the left in the arch. Open: 10-23
Tverskaya street, next to Tsentralnaya hotel. Metro: Pushkinskaya (violet), Tverskaya (green), walk down the street to the direction of Kremlin. Open: 10-23
Pokrovka (Покровка) #17, tel.923-97-93. Metro Chistie prudy (red) or Turgenevskaya (orange), Open: Mon-Fri 8.00-22.00, Sat-Sun 8.00-23.00.

Here you will find the link for the list of addresses of other Moscow restaurants.