Useful Links

BKC English school site - has useful information for teachers of English, coming to Russia. - Resources for overseas jobs, Overseas Employment Guide, free monthly newsletter and detailed information for Americans who are living abroad (or want to). - everything about visa to Russia and other countries of CIS.

Guide to Russia - - important information for those who come to Russia for the first time. - visas, accommodation, excursions, travels - all the tourist information on Russian capitals.

New Russia - - General information about Russia, history review, some advice for travelers.

Mother Russia Citylink - - mainly geographic information on all Russia with useful links for lots of Russian cities and regions. - site dedicated to Kremlin, it's history and museums. - business and political news of Russia. - official Russian government site. - Russian Embassy official site. - inquiry information on Russia: art, business, economy, traveling etc.

Russia on the Net - - lots of useful links for Russia, but few of them are in English.