Moscow metro The most reliable kind of transport in Moscow is the metro. It is not expensive - 5 R a single pass, 150 R for 60 passes. It's open from 5.45 am till 1.00 am, and the trains are approximately two to five minutes apart. The only disadvantage in traveling on the metro is that it is crowded, especially at rush hour. Here you can see the Moscow metro map in English.

Above ground the tramways are the most dependable. They go slowly but they don't get stuck in traffic jams as they go by rail-tracks. Trolleybuses are quicker but not convenient during rush hour. Buses tend to have irregular timetables and waiting for them can be frustrating. A ticket for above ground transportation costs 4 R if you buy it at a ticket an office and 5 R if you buy it at a driver.

Traveling by car is good when there are no traffic jams. The roads are far from perfect and in winter are really dangerous. Accidents happen regularly.

It's never a problem to catch a cab on a road when you need one. Just take care not to get into vehicles that are not clearly designated as taxis. Taxi fees are usually negotiated with the driver before agreeing to go to your destination. For a foreigner it's better to order a taxi through a special agency because their prices are fixed and there is a small possibility to be fleeced of your money (Russians always think that foreigners are too rich). You can call this number: 745-50-49.