Performances usually start at 19.00, still check the exact time before you go. Tickets are not always available in the theatre's box offices (this refers to the big popular theatres) as hawkers often buy them in advance. They sell the tickets for an enormous price in the metro, or walk with the tickets around the theatre entrance before the play starts. Most of the theatres are not open from July to September.

THE BOLSHOI THEATERTHE BOLSHOI THEATER (Большой театр) is the most famous Russian theatre. It has been recently restored. The hall is huge and solemn. Here is where ballets and operas are performed. It is worth going there, as it is Russian classic. The tickets are difficult to get.
Address: Театральная площадь (Teatralnaya ploshad)#1,
Phone: 292-0050, 292-9986,
Metro Teatralnaya (red), Ohotniy ryad (red), just on the Teatralnaya square.
Ticket office: tues-sun 12.00-16.00, 16.00-19.00.
Entrance: 50-400 roubles (1,7-14 USD).

22.10.2002 Tuesday 19.00 Giselle, A ballet in two acts
23.10.2002 Wednesday 19.00 Anyuta, A ballet in two acts
24.10.2002 Thursday 19.00 Khovanshchina - opera. Premiere!
25.10.2002 Friday 19.00 Anyuta, A ballet in two acts
26.10.2002 Saturday 19.00 Khovanshchina - opera. Premiere!
27.10.2002 Sunday 19.00 Khovanshchina - opera. Premiere!

THE NEW OPERA (Новая Опера) is new, compared with the Bolshoy. It is in the Hermitage garden (Сад Эрмитаж) - a nice place where there are two more theatres and two clubs. The theatre hosts great singers in a modern nice building with good acoustics, comfortable seats that make it popular.
Address: Каретный ряд (Karetniy Ryad)#3,
tel. 290-0971,
Metro Chekhovskaya (grey), Hermitage garden. Walk out from the metro and walk down the boulevard to the direction opposite of Pushkinskaya square, turn right on Petrovka street, and walk 4-5 minutes, until you see the garden on your left.
Ticket office: mon-sun 12.00-19.00. tel: 200-0868.
Tickets: 50-500 roubles (1,7-16 USD).

23.10.2002 Wednesday 19.00 Oh, Mozart! Mozart...
based on Rimsky-Korsakov's Mozart and Salieri and Mozart's Requiem
25.10.2002 Friday 19.00 Viva, Verdi! Concert in two parts
26.10.2002 Saturday 19.00 Hamlet, Ambroise Thomas
27.10.2002 Sunday 19.00 I Due Foscari, Giuseppe Verdi

MKHAT (Moscow's Art Theatre in the name of Chekov - МХАТ имени Чехова - MHAT Chekov's) is a great classical Russian theatre. It is located in Kamergersky Pereulok which is very beautiful with modern-style light posts and benches and lots of cafes and fashion shops. Near the theatre there is a tea-coffee shop in XIX-century style (like the one that Anton Chekhov's father kept in Taganrog). MKHAT is an original theatre, which keeps the best traditions of Russian Theatre. Be careful: there is another MHAT theatre by the name of Gorky, which is completely different.
Address: Камергерский переулок (Kamergerskiy pereulok)#3,
Phone: 229-8760. Metro Teatralnaya (green), Ohotniy ryad (red).
Ticket office: mon-sat 12.00-15.00, 16.00-19.00.
Tickets: about 50 R (1,7 USD).

21.10.2002 Monday 19.00 Beautiful Life
21.10.2002 Monday 19.00 №13
22.10.2002 Tuesday 19.00 A Goose Flying by
23.10.2002 Wednesday 19.00 The New American
24.10.2002 Thursday 19.00 "Fowling"

LENKOMLENKOM is popular especially among respectable people. It's in the building of former Merchants' club. For some time it was a cinema and in 1927 the Working Youth Theatre (Teatr Rabochey Molodeji) took its place. In 1936 professional actors were added to the troop and came to be Lenin's Komsomol Theatre (Lenkom). There have always been good producers and the best actors, who often became film stars (Djigarhanyan, Churikova, Yankovsky etc.). With its youth repertory the theatre started to be fashionable. The legendary "Junon and Avos", "The star and the death of Khoakin Murieta" are still incredibly popular. This is a really splendid theatre.
Address: Malaya Dmitrovskaya ul. (малая Дмитровская улица)#6, tel. 299-07-08.
Metro: Pushkinskaya (violet), Tverskaya (green).
Ticket office: mon - sat 16.00-19.00.
Tickets: about 100 R and more.

SATIRICON manages to do daily full houses. There are no mega stars in the troop except for Konstantin Raikin, the creative manager. The plays performed there are often experimental, sometimes strange and always interesting.
Address: Sheremetievskaya ul. (Шереметьевская улица) # 8, tel. 289-78-44,
I-net: Metro Rijskaya (orange).

O.TABAKOV THEATRE started as a students' studio by GITIS (State University of Theatre Art). Now Tabakov manages the MKHAT studio and takes new actors for his theatre there. The theatre always produces new plays and they are always popular. The troop is made up of very good well-known actors. The hall is very small, so often they play on the stages of other theatres. The things they play are psychological and bright, and usually just three actors are involved.
Address: ulitsa Chaplygina (улица Чаплыгина) # 1a,
tel. 928-96-85,
Metro: Turgenevskaya (orange), Chistye Prudy (red).

24.10.2002 Thursday 19.00 Sandy man, after the stories by E.T.A.Gofman

Here you will find the link for the list of addresses of other Moscow theatres.