Study Russian in Russia

It's very natural to study a language in its native country. The lessons help you to communicate in your everyday life, and in your everyday life communication helps you to do well in the classes. Further more, studying the language of the country where you live is essential. Then more you understand, then fewer problems you have. This is especially important for Russia, where people appreciate interest in their language and culture.

Here is the list of schools and courses, teaching Russian for foreigners in Moscow and other Russian cities.


Russian Village is a special school for learning Russian. Besides the lessons they also provide the warmth of Russian hospitality, communication with interesting people and an absorbingly active vacation with accommodation in one of the most picturesque nooks close to Moscow (25 km, on the territory of natural protected land on the Pestovskoye lake).

There are a number of courses for foreigners in the University of Russian Language in Moscow. They teach the everyday language, Russian philology and political rhetoric. They also have international summer courses for 4 and 8 weeks.
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The Department of foreign languages of the Lomonosov Moscow State University invites those who want to study Russian to enroll in the full education 5-year course to get the specialist's diploma or the 3-year course for the bachelor's diploma. You can also pass a 2-year masters course or a 3-year postgraduate course. There are Russian language courses concerning the "Center of Russian Language and Culture", which last up to 10 months.

Russian language courses are available in the Russian State University of Human sciences. The language departments' tutors teach. The groups are formed on the tests' results. You get a State standard certificate after you have finished College.
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Moscow State Linguistic University runs regular short courses of Russian for foreign students. These courses take from 2 weeks to 10 months. The autumn semester runs from September 1st to December 30th and spring semester from February 7th to June 30th. However students may join courses at any time in the academic year. The University makes all the necessary arrangements for official invitations so that students can obtain visas.

"GRINT" educational center allows a range of courses of different duration and intensity. They run Russian culture courses, language training etc.

Center of study of foreign languages Linguastart invites foreigners to take Russian language courses in Moscow - "Russian Communicative Language". They have worked out a special program "Relaxation + Russian Communicative Language in Moscow Suburb".

Language Link's Study Russian in Russia program offers a variety of courses for different levels. There are conversation courses, courses for philologists and interpreters, for specialists in the humanities, sciences, and business.

The Friendship Roads Company offers Russian language training for groups and individuals in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orel, Krasnodar, Sochi, Pyatigorsk, and Irkutsk. They are in contact with the Oryol State University and Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI), where professional university language teachers conduct Russian language courses. The 14- to 24-day intensive language courses are available throughout the year, as are various cultural programs and excursions.

St. Petersburg

Linguastar is a group of high-class teachers, who will help you to do your best in Russian. They have various courses, lasting 2 weeks. The company guarantees good prices and accommodation for the students in the northern Russian capital.

Liden & Denz Language Center, founded under Swiss management in 1992, is located in a quiet area of St. Petersburg's historic center. All programs are intensive, however, the serious approach to language teaching is not a hindrance to maintaining an informal atmosphere in and around the school.

The International Language Academy, formerly a part of the Nord Anglia Education Group (the well-known British corporation in the sphere of private education), is a company that supplies education in foreign languages at a professional level The courses taught are not based on one textbook but are compiled and developed from a wealth of materials and original trainer input. Only one month of training is required to break the language barrier completely. This allows the student an opportunity to access a far easier period of Russian language learning.

Center of Russian language and Culture is located in St. Petersburg State University. This is a well-reputed organization, giving a good education for reasonable money. Their regularly scheduled excursions to Moscow and other cities give students the opportunity to see more of Russia.


The Russian Department at the International University of Business and New Technologies (IUBNT) specializes in teaching foreign undergraduate and graduate students, instructors, and researchers, plus anyone else interested in studying Russian. They offer various courses catering to students of all levels of education, beginners to advanced. There is also a wide selection of special courses, such as History and Politics, Politics and the Economy etc.
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Odessa Language Study Center is a private school teaching Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Italian and Spanish. The basic method of study is the monolingual method, which facilitates the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills of everyday speech, depending on the specific problems to be solved and, of course, the availability of class time. OLSC specializes in total immersion, group and one-to-one courses for students and professionals and operates year-round.