BUNKER (Бункер). In 1989 it was a legendary alternative place to relax. Now it's already the third Bunker - a big rock club on Tverskaya Street with evening concerts of Russian rock bands. You should check the concert timetable before you go. There are a lot of people and a little dance hall. The bar-restaurant service isn't the best - includes long waiting and no-change. A meal is $7-$10, beer (0.5 l.)- 40-140 R, vodka (50 g.) - up 25 R. There is a karaoke bar. Concerts start at 23.00 and discos - at 0:30.
Address: Tverskaya (Тверская) #12/2, tel.200-1506,
I-net address:
Metro: Tverskaya (green), Pushkinskaya (violet).
Open: Mon-Sun daily, concerts begin at 23.00, Tickets: 50-200 roubles (1.8-7$), Cards: Maestro, Visa Electron, Master Card, Visa

B2 (Б2). Also a popular Russian rock club. Famous Alternative Russian rock groups often play there. The design is not distinguished still it is fun.
Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya (Большая Садовая) #8, tel.209-9909.
Metro: Mayakovskaya (green).
Open: Mon-Sun daily from 19.00 to 8.00.

TOCHKA (Точка). The club is big - for about 1000 people. The interior is far not perfect. Here Russian Rock bands perform though famous foreign bands also come. Good concerts happen.
Address: Zvenigorodskoe (Звенигородское) shosse, #4, tel. 253-4355.
Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda.
Open: Mon-Sun 12.00-17.00 and 21.00-6.00. Entrance: (if there's a concert) Mon-Thu $2-3, Fri-Sun $6-18.

SIXTEEN TONS (Шестнадцать Тонн). Some time ago it was a barbeque cafe "Kazbek", now it's a large pub / bar / club managed by Vyacheslav Petkun, lead singer of "Tantsy Minus" band. On the first floor there is an expensive restaurant with easy jazz music. On the second floor there is disco and concert hall where good pop-rock and electronic music is featured and Japanese cartoons are shown. Zemfira, "Chicherina", "Okean Elzy" and others presented their new albums there. Concerts by London DJs also take place.
Address: Presnenskii Val (Пресненский Вал), #6, tel. 253-5300.
Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda (violet).
Open: Mon-Sun 18.00-6.00. Entrance: Mon-Wed, Sun free, Thu 100-150 R ($3.5-$5), sat $5-$7.

SVALKA (Свалка) means "dump" in Russian. Dump is dump. Old broken cars are hanging everywhere. In the wooden, two-level hall there is a big, bright stage where mostly Russian rock groups play. Hardcore, industrial etc. goes on Mondays - Wednesdays and also ska and punk concerts happen. Besides the concert and dancing halls there is a bar where you can watch MTV on TV, which hangs right under the ceiling.
Address: Profsouznaya (Профсоюзная) ulitsa. #27/1, tel.120-21-44,
I-net address:
Metro: Profsouznaya (orange).
Entrance: about 100 R (3.5$), depends on the concert. Open: Mon-Sun 19.00-6.00

VERMEL is an underground club with a simple interior. A student's place, reasonable prices. Good and inexpensive beer in the bar. Various rock, alternative, Celtic, folk music concerts played mostly by Russian bands.
Address: Raushskaya (Раушская) naberezhnaya (embankment), #4/5, tel.959-3303,
I-net address:
Metro: Novokuznetskaya.
Open: Mon-Sun 12.00-5.00, Entrance: 50-70 R (2-3$)

FORPOST. This is calm place for relaxing with quiet acoustic music. Good sound system.
Address: Hamovnichesky (Хамовнический Вал) val, #28, tel.242-1645,
Metro: Sportivnaya (red), closer to Moscow State University,
Open: Fri-Sun 17.30-23.00, Entrance: 30-100 R (1-4$)

TABULA RASA. The club has existed since 1995. Live groups play daily. Acoustic music is nice however DJ sets are not so good. On Thursdays there are Latin parties. There is an American pool. Meals and drinks are a bit expensive but on Wednesdays a 50% discount for all drinks and dishes is given.
Address: Berezhkovskaya (Бережковская) naberezhnaya, #28, tel.240-9289,
Metro: Kievskaya (blue),
Open: Fri-Sun 19.00-6.00, Entrance: 50-200 R (2-8$)

KITAISKI LETCHIK DJAO DA (Chinese Pilot Jao Da). A cozy cellar in khaki colors, where you can listen to good live music - either jazz, rock, hiphop or street musicians. There are only Russian bands playing there and they are the best in the sense of sound and quality. The bar and restaurant is nice.
Address: Lubyanskiy proezd (Лубянский проезд) #25/1, tel.924-56-11. Metro: Kitay-gorod (orange or violet), area: Kitai Gorod. Open: Mon-Sun daily, Entrance: 50-150 roubles (1.8 - 5$).

TERRITORIA (Территория). A club close to the Kremlin, recently remodeled and reopened. This is a casual easy student dance place with good music. Every day, except for Wednesday and Sunday there is house and disco; downtempo and electronica, Wednesday; acid jazz, funk - from Thursday to Saturday; drum'n'bass - on Sundays. All music mixed by Russian DJs. The fun starts at about 21 o'clock. There is a new dance floor, which looks like a swimming pool with no water inside, also there is a bar and a restaurant. A nice lunch will coast $4-5.
Address: Tverskaya (Тверская) ulitsa 5/6, tel. 292-4544.
Metro: Ploshchad Revolutsii (blue), Okhotny Ryad (red), Teatralnaya (green).
Open: Mon-Wed 12.00-1.00, Thu-Sun 12.00-6.00. Entrance: Fri-Sat 30R ($1)

PROPAGANDA (Пропаганда). A hip place designed especially to give an underground feeling. Famous DJ's (either Russian, European or American) and musicians are invited here twice a week . On Thursdays there are house parties, on Tuesdays - downtempo, and on Sundays there are China Town parties for gays. There is also triphop and acid jazz. From 23 to 3-4 o'clock a young crowd is dancing non-stop to regular DJs Sanches, Zad and a host of others spinning house, garage and jungle. If you want, you can have a meal either before or after that, which would coast you about $4. Drinks are not expensive: fresh juice - $2, a beer - $2-3.
Address: B. Zlatoustinskiy (Б. Златоустинский) pereulok, # 7. tel. 924-5732.
Metro: Kitai Gorod (orange or violet), Lubyanka (red). Tel. 924-5732.
Open: mon-fri 12.00-6.00, sut-sun 15.00-6.00, the food is served all the time, except on thu-sat until 23:00. Dance events start at 23:00. Entrance on sat after 23:00 - 70R (3$), face control.

KULT (Культ). A nice place to relax, listening to downtempo or ethnic music and have a meal. They serve African food, a dinner is about $7-$10. There's a cozy corner - a lounge with cushions, a small table and a plastic tree.
Address: Yauzskaya (Яузская) naberezhnaya, #5, tel. 917-5706.
Metro: Taganskaya (circle), Kitai Gorod (orange or violet).
Open: Mon-Wed, Sun 12.00-0.00. thu-sat 12.00-6.00. Entrance: free, face control.

XIII CLUB (Клуб "13"). It's in the old Ryabushinsky's house. On the entrance there is a plate: "Embassy of Ibiza Island in Russia". They make parties on Ibiza Island in "El Divino" club every week. Nightly there is a disco for 600 people. A variety of patrons. There is a trans hall, acid-jazz hall and trip-hop "Library". Great house music, quite often they invite famous DJ's Female and male strippers dance all night. A cup of coffee is $30.
Address: Myasnitskaya (Мясницкая), #13. tel. 927-2391,
Metro: between Lubyanka (red) and Turgenevskaya (orange).
Open: thu-sat 21.00-6.00; Entrance: free for women, men: $10-35. Fierce face control, dress code (wear an expensive Gucci suite with Prada shoes).