Bookstores and publishers are abundant in Moscow. All types of books are available but they are expensive and the prices are increasing. The listing detailed below is somewhat limited when compared to the actual number of bookstores. For a more comprehensive listing you can visit

BIBLIO-GLOBUS is a big bookstore located on Myasnitskaya, on Lubyanka Square. A large assortment of books can be found here - fiction, politics, science, education, reference, and antique books, foreign language literature as well as stationary. They also have a good selection of texts for people wishing to learn the Russian language.
Address: Myasnitskaya ul., 6, Tel. 924-46-80, 924-07-69, Interpreter 921-81-52 E-mail:, I-net: Metro Lubyanka. Open: Mon-Sat 10.00-20.00.

MOSCOW or KNIGI (books) is on Tverskaya, between Teatralnaya and Lubyanka metro stations. They sell educational and children's books, fiction, modern classics, etc. in English. Other foreign language books are also available. They also sell antique books and antiques (porcelain, crystal, silver, paintings). Rare books can also be ordered through the store.
Address: Tverskaya ul., 8. Tel: 229-64-83, Fax: 229-91-49. Open: Mon-Sat 10.00-21.00, Sun 11.00-1900.

MOSKOVSKIY DOM KNIGI The Moscow House of Books, once the largest bookstore in Moscow, has a good selection of books, including books in foreign languages. Renting space to enterprises such as computer stores, & antique shops, has made them a shadow of their former selves, but there are still some good finds.
Adress: Novyy Arbat, 8, Tel.: 290-45-07, 290-35-80, 291-12-87. Fax: 290-23-85

ANGLIA BRITISH BOOKSHOP is one of the best English bookstores in Moscow. They sell classical, hobby & educational literature, art albums, photos, books on architecture and fashion as well as the latest English best sellers. A Book Order Service is available.
Address: Khlebny pereulok, 2/3 (Arbatskaya metro). Tel. 203-58-02. Open: Mon-Wed, Fri 10.00-19.00, Thu 10.00-20.00, Sat 10.00-18.00.

ENGLISH BOOKS (formerly Zwemmer) is one of the first western style bookstores in Moscow. Now it seems to exist for selling its stock of classic literature and art albums.
Address: Kuznetskiy most, 18. Tel. 924-20-68, 928-20-21. Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-18.00.

PANGLOSS sells books in English, German, French, Spanish, and other European languages. Specializing in classical books. They have a very good Book Order Service.
Address: Bolshoy Palashevski pereulok, 9 (Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya metro). Tel. 299-54-81. E-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 11.00-20.00, Sat 11.00-17.00.

SHAKESPEARE & Co mostly used paperbacks here, however some very interesting things occur. Big division for fresh supplies. Once there was an order system.
Address: 1-yi (Pervyi) Novokuznetskiy pereulok, 5/7 (Paveletskaya metro). Tel. 951-9360. Open: mon-sat 11-19, sun 1-18.

Russian-Language Press
Newspaper kiosks and trays in Moscow streets are full of detective magazines, newspapers and other magazines of all sorts. Among the newspapers 'Kommersant', 'Segodnya' and 'Vedomosti' (The Moscow Times' sister paper) are the most popular. However scandal-loving cutting 'Moskovsky Komsomolets' (MK) beats them all. The most widely read magazines are 'Lisa', 'Cool girl' and 'Men's Health'.

Foreign-Language Press
The most regular English-language publication is 'The Moscow Times'. It's issued 5 days a week and distributed all over Moscow - in some newspaper kiosks (especially on Tverskaya str.), in bookstores, hotels, bars and cafes, and airports. In St. Petersburg the following publications are available: 'The St. Petersburg Times', 'The Russia Journal' and 'The Moscow Tribune'. An entertaining paper 'eXile' is published twice a week. You can also find 'Le Monde' and some other papers in French, as well as in German. All these are sold in places that cater to foreigners.