Health insurance

Before you go to Russia, you should make sure that you have full medical insurance with your travel insurance. To get the insurance or special information about check the following sites:

You should have a full medical check up, including dental to have a good guarantee that nothing will happen to your health during your visit. You can take medicines that are likely to be required (check first that they may be imported legally). Russian pharmacies are well stocked with western medicines at comparable western prices.

It is advisable to have vaccination for poliomyelitis, as well as for rabies. Both of them occur. From east and central Siberia tick-bone typhus has been reported. In a forest area tick-bone encephalitis should be guarded against. Vaccination is advisable. Also consult a doctor regarding inoculation for diphtheria. Hepatitis A occurs. For Yellow Fever, Cholera and Malaria no special precautions or certificates are required. The only certificate you need - is HIV-test.

During your stay in Russia, you should remember that the water you drink should be filtered and boiled. It's better not to buy fast food in the street, especially the things containing meat. Dairy products are safe for consumption. Eat well-cooked meat and fish.

Health service provides free medical treatment for everybody who has the essential documents (policy). For a traveler falling sick in a tourist tour emergency treatment is free, medicines and hospital treatment are cheap. If the illness causes a longer stay, you will have to pay for all further treatment, which is very expensive. Air evacuation can cost up to £80,000! That's why you need full medical coverage.

For the information about private Russian clinics you can go to