Travel Guides
On this page you will find virtual tours around the Kremlin, Moscow's Golden ring and the most important Moscow streets like the Arbat, Tverskaya etc. There are also essays about Russian folk art and folk holidays, interesting information on Russian churches, Moscow's metro and museums. This is a nice opportunity to get acquainted with Russia virtually, before you go there.
If you are going to St. Petersburg you should see without fail this site's chapters about museums, sights, culture and other things. There are good guides around the city, it's museums and suburbs and there is good advice on how to spend your free time in the city. Really interesting and helpful information.
This is a web page on Chelyabinsk - Russian city in the south of Ural. There are photos of Chelyabinsk views and some essays about the sightseeing. Unfortunately, not all of them are translated into English and some references don't work.
There is a tour to Zagorsk, also called Sergiev Posad,The Monastery of the Holy Trinity. It's a place of interest not far from Moscow. On the page there are pictures and plans of the monastery and essays about its founder - St. Sergius, its famous painter Andrey Rublev and its icons. The chapter "History of the monastery" is under construction.
This is the site where you will find the references on the web pages similar to the two previous ones. There are collections of pictures and information on lots of Russian regions, cities, towns and places of interest. The site is not perfect but it covers a lot.
There is no detailed information for sightseeing here but there are short overviews and some inquiry information on the most important Russian cities from east to west, from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

Language guides
This source will support you if you are learning Russian and help you if you are just going to start. You can find lots of tips starting with the Alphabet and ending up with Grammar References and a Bilingual Library. If you only want to find the most widely used expressions, there is an English-Russian Phrase book here. `There are also Personal and Business Correspondence Guide books which give you the essential base for writing and will help you to deal with Russians.
This gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn Russian while learning the culture and history of the country. There is an information about educational language programs in Moscow and advice on why and how to study Russian.
Here you will have references on some language-learning sources like online Grammar and Conversational Guide books, Dictionaries and Translators (the last one does not make sense, indeed). Then, there is a section on Cyrillic fonts and keyboards necessary to navigate Russian sites.
This is site of the Russian-Language division of Cornell University in New York. There are video and audio language programs, dialogues and other materials needed to study Russian. It's supported by Russian-Language Teachers. It's interesting and lively.

Information online
Yellow pages online
All inquiry information here - descriptions, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites, e-mail, hours, subway, etc. Look for anything you want.

Official tourist site of the Moscow government
Here you will find information about travel, entertainment, business, security and other services of Moscow. You will find references on the agencies you might need.

The fresh guide to St. Petersburg
Composed with a sense of humor, containing sprightly written essays, this site covers everything about travel to St. Petersbourg.

Russia Phototrack - maps, guides
Lots of helpful references give you the most complete information about Russia starting from maps and tickets and ending up with the descriptions of metro stations and humor stories.

Lycos travel - country guide
The following information contains facts about politics, economy, environment, culture and all the inquiry information for the most important cities of Russia.